While in any other church you are allowed to date and court the woman of your desire freely, among the Akorino sect members, it isn't the case.

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The Standard reports that there are strict guidelines that guide Akorino faithful right from the proposal stage, courting, during the marriage ceremony and thereafter. Below we focus on the do's and don'ts of Akorino marital relationships.

1. No man is to marry before attaining the age of 25 years while the woman must be at least 22 years.

2. When a man has identified a potential bride he must seek consent from the church elders where he will be issued with a form to be filled by the bride. Before then no man is to be seen jumping up and down with women in the name of dating.

3. After the proposal is accepted by the church, the bride and the groom are never to be seen alone to avoid the possibility of fornicating. Fornication attracts excommunication from the church and marriage ceremony cancelling.

4. The wedding date is determined by the bride's and the best maid's menstruation days. None of them should be in their periods during the wedding day which is always a Sunday.

5. There is no exchange of finger rings once wedded, but instead, the bride wears a white sash tied around her bust by the groom.

6. A married Akorino man must always be in a coat as lack of it signifies a problem in the marriage.

7. Akorino man must marry from among the Akorino sect denominations. Otherwise, he must give a detailed explanation as to why he could not find a suitable woman from there. The non-Akorino wife must convert before marriage.

8. Any Akorino man who seeks a leadership position in the church must have undergone a formal Akorino marriage.