For the men, our women are vulnerable and we have the responsibility to take care and protect them. Your woman is your subject and she requires your protection. 

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You can take care of your wife through these ways;

1. Provide for her

Whether she has a job and earns money or not, it is your responsibility to be her provider. Do not stop providing for your wife just because she has a job and can raise some money for herself. Be a hardworking man for the sake of your woman and children. Being a provider is something to which every husband must be committed.

2. Take care of the kids sometimes

You might have no idea how tiring it is to take care of the kids every single day. Although she has more responsibility for taking care of the kids, you need to give her a break at least once a week. Be with them, change their diapers, clean them, go play with them and let her rest or go out with her friends. 

3. Take her out to let herself loose

After weeks of continuous hard work, she needs to have some fun time especially with you. You have been all busy throughout the past weeks and you'll need to let yourselves loose. Take her out for some fine food or for some movies or adventure.