Early this week, Kenyans we were blown away by pictures of World Marathon record holder Eliud Kipchoge boarding a jet ahead of the so-called Ineos challenge.

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It was reported that the jet was delivered by a British man to ensure that the globally renowned marathoner is shuttled to his Vienna in Austria in the comfort that money can buy.

The big question though is; who is the British man behind the flashy jet?

His name is Sir Jim Ratcliffe. Sir Ratciffe is the richest man in Britain and the owner of the Ineos company after which the challenge that Kipchoge is undertaking is named.

According to The Guardian, Sir Ratcliffe is a strong supporter of Great Britain leaving the European Union.

The British citizen is a former chemical engineer and is the founder and majority owner of the chemical company, Ineos, according to  Forbes Magazine that ranks the world's richest men and women.

His business interests range from synthetic oils and plastics to solvents in the production of insulin and antibiotics.

The net worth of Sir Jim Ratcliffe stands at 11.2 billion dollars.

He was involved in the buyout of BP, a chemicals company, after mortgaging his palatial home so as to get the money for the buyout.

Ineos is estimated to produce about 60 million tons of chemicals every year, according to an American business publication, Bloomberg.