As usual, our lives turn out to be better when we schedule our plans. 

The more we schedule our time, the more organised and successful we become. 

The same applies to intimacy. Even if one partner has got a high drive for sex, he or she should try to embrace the schedule. 

The following are the three benefits married couples can enjoy if they decide to plan for their sexual activities:

1. Reduce panicking

In many marriages, the majority of partners suffer cognitive strain. 

Some feel that their lovers may turn them down when they ask for intimacy. 

Some partners may also be afraid to initiate intimacy thinking their spouses may view them negatively. 

Scheduling sex, however, puts both partners on the same page, knowing it’s going to happen.

2. Allows for preparation

Partners who schedule sex prepare themselves before the 'playroom' time.

When you know the time you are going to get intimate with your partner, you get the chance to take care of yourself better, for example by taking foodstuff that may boost your energy level.

This ignites the moment more than when you just bump into each other.

3. Improves anticipation for both partners

Scheduling sex will allow the partners with a low sex drive to prepare themselves mentally.