A lawyer associated with opposition leader Raila Odinga claims there is a new group of people who he calls terrorists threatening to bring down Kenya.

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Donald Kipkorir says the group consists of economic saboteurs selling substandard goods which have adverse health effects on Kenyans and called on authorities to unleash all manner of arsenal to fight the group.

"Worst form of corruption is selling fake food and drinks with Kenya Bureau of Standards and Kenya Revenue Authority stamps. Directorate of Criminal Investigations and Director of Public Prosecutions should not take us in red herring circus in charging lowly paid employees. 

"The billionaire owners and political patrons ought to be arrested and charged with economic terrorism and corruption," he said in a tweet.

The economic terrorists he says, unless checked, will wreak havoc in the economy by importing substandard goods which will be sold locally with 'clearance' from Kenya Bureau of Standards and Kenya Revenue Authority.

He says some of the masterminds of the plot to sell unverified products are prominent people in the society who he says should be arrested and prosecuted.

Some of the goods mostly duplicated and sold in the Kenyan market include soft drinks such as packed juice products as well as hard liquor.

Also in the list are packed foodstuffs sold in supermarkets.