A Kisumu Member of County Assembly (MCA) is accusing her husband of being a bedroom bully.

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Kisumu Central Ward representative Judith Ogaga has raised alarm, claiming that he husband Collins Ariko has been demanding for too much sex and harassing her for it.

The MCA who has since fled her matrimonial home to live with her mother in Siaya claims that the man has been assaulting her, demanding sex even during her periods.

“My husband wants sex all the time. There is a time he screamed before our kids that he wants sex. There is a day he beat me up and poured cold water on me while I was in bed. There is a day he almost ran over me with a car. I had to escape. I am tired of this. I still love my life," she told the Nairobian.

But on his side, the husband has denied the claims, instead accusing the wife of changing since she got the plum position and has also misused their money.

The man who is partially paralyzed has also reported the wife to the police over allegations of assault and is claiming that she recently hired two goons to take him down.

“My wife does not have money. Her job is eating her up and she does not want to admit it,” he said.

Kisumu OCPD Ancent Kaloki has confirmed that the man has reported the attempt on his life and the police are probing the issue.