A Catholic priest appeared in court in the divorce case between Senator Mithika Linturi and Marianne Kitany’s on Thursday.

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Father Jason Muchemi told the court that Linturi was married to Mercy Kaimenyi. 

Kaimenyi, who is a Catholic priest at Tigania Parish church, narrated to the court how he knew about the marriage between the two before the issue of KItany came into question. 

While appearing before trial Magistrate Peter Gisora, the priest said he knew Mercy in person. 

He appeared in court after Linturi’s defence lawyer appealed to the court to allow him to testify before he travels out of the country.

Linturi’s lawyer Muthomi Thiankoru, had requested the court to allow him to testify before the camera, a move which Kitany’s side opposed. Led by lawyer Danstan Omari, Kitany said that the court will be unfair to grant him the wish.

“The court has not been told reasons why the defence want the matter heard in camera. This is a public matter,” the lawyers submitted, as quoted by Capital FM.

The court was also told that there would be no reason for the matter to be discussed in public if the man of God testifies in public. The senator has insisted that he was never married to Kitany.