Instagram is one of the popular social media platform used around the world. 

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When it comes to Instagram, several followers is one thing that matters a lot. 

Many strive hard to attract a good number of followers on their page at least. 

However, even after people following you, you have in most cases discovered that there are a good number of people who happens to unfollow you later. 

This happens due to the following reasons.

1. Frequent posting of emotional memes

It is usual for people to share what they are going through in life, be it bad or good. 

However, being too much emotional might result in people unfollowing you. 

You should at least balance how frequent you post passionate staff, as some are likely to think that you are just trying to seek attention which with some, they may not take it positively.

2. Your account is dormant

If you stay for long without posting anything, this is another reason that contributes to people unfollowing you. 

People love following the active account. 

Leaving your account as a dormant account will chase away some followers.

3. Posting too many posts at once

When posting, doing it considerably is very important. 

Overdoing it might chase away some of your followers as they happen not to find enough time of viewing all that you post.