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Couple caned for making love in public

Kevin Ondimu
Lovers kissing each other. [Photo/Nation.]

A man and his wife were caned mercilessly after they were caught kissing each other in public at Magombo in Nyamira.

Confirming the incident, area chief Fred Obae said the man, Isaac Omwoyo and his wife, Eucabeth have married for some time. 

“The two have been married for over three years and they have a child. We don’t understand why they had to kiss in public yet they could have done so in their house. 

"Angry residents who spotted them kissing each other forced them to lie down and strokes of canes were applied before they were released,” he said.

The administrator warned married couples against making love in public because they will so a bad example to small kids. 

“We should have respect and engage in love in private to ensure our young kids don’t learn from such behaviours.

"This will be the routine whoever who will be found making love in public must be caned thoroughly because the bad behaviors copied from the white people will not be condoned in the area,” he noted. 



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