Valentine's Day is a few days away. Couples are busy putting everything together to ensure they celebrate their love in a special way.

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However, this day which is celebrated all over the world can be toxic for university students.

At Kenyatta University students go through unreasonable things to make this day memorable for their partners.

The comrades, most of whom date fellow students within the campus have limited resources but plan for things that are way out of their budget.

Valentine’s Day is toxic for university students due to the following reasons.

1. Pressure to spend heavily

Cases of students spending too much, in some cases their entire pocket money on Valentine's Day are so common in Kenyatta University. This leaves the students struggling to meet their needs, as they are usually ashamed of asking for more money from their parents.

2. Can lead to stress

You might be already stressed with research papers, incomplete assignments, missing marks, etc then comes your roommate with red roses, chocolates or any other gifts from their boyfriends. This can cause some students to stress about being single and end up feeling lonely. Ladies who didn't receive anything from their boyfriends sometimes question their partner's love for them which leads to feeling unloved.

3. Missing classes

Some students miss class so that they can spend time with their partners. Others, especially those who are single don't attend their lectures to avoid seeing their friends and other students clad in red and happily celebrating the day. You'll find one spending the whole day in bed just because they don't have a 'special' someone to call their Valentine.