Travelling in a matatu can be enjoyable or boring based on personalities on board. The following is a list of passengers who can light your journey and make it enjoyable and those who can make it boring and dull:

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1. Social and talkative passengers

These will definitely light your journey, with a good grasp of topics ranging from possibilities of William Ruto winning 2022 elections, Trump's relationship with North Korea president, possibilities of Jesus Christ coming this year, chances of Willy Paul doing a collabo with Rihanna will make your journey engaging and enjoyable.

By the time you alight, you have known their family members, their jobs, their great grandfather's surname to their last born who never does his homework without eating a plateful of popcorns.

Funnily, they can end up asking for their fellow passenger's contact numbers with "men do meet, only mountains don't" saying. Their absence is felt when they alight.

2. Reserved lots

These are the less talkative ones, they won't bother to turn their neck and say good morning. 

Mostly they are glued on their phones listening either to music, watching videos, chatting or viewing people's WhatsApp status.

They will only talk to you when they want you to make a way for them.

They will seem unbothered when other passengers loudly complain of driver's reckless driving, tout's attempt to double hike fare or they don't even laugh at the funniest joke cracked.

They seem to be living in their unknown world.

3. Complainants

A little delay by the driver to start off the engine will make the whole matatu know that she has a timber yard that brings a million shillings profit a day and how driver's delay is affecting her year's resolution of doubling the profit.

A dysfunctional seat belt on her seat will have the conductor and his driver lectured on how seat belts help in saving lives and penalty imposed on driver's ignorance of Michuki laws.

A three-second delay by the conductor to give back her change will awaken history lesson in her of a conductor who ran away with her change in 1990 accusing the conductor of playing the same tricks on her.