Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro has rolled off his gloves and announced a mother of all battles against the Kieleweke faction of Jubilee party.

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In an interview with the Nation, Nyoro, who was embroiled in a scuffle with Kieleweke team, accused them of coercing him to take a certain political stand.

The first term legislator also accused the team of having controlled resources for ages, adding that it's trying to impose someone who can protect them.

According to him, the team has been stealing from poor people, whom he's out to protect. He was referring to dynasties.

"I’m elected by the people and it is them I listen to. They should not be bulldozed to follow a certain direction to please a few rich people. 

"They must never lie to themselves that they can buy off the souls and hearts of the poor people with their money and it’s time for the poor to know that the money the rich people have belongs to them and their families,” Mr Nyoro told the Nation in an exclusive interview.

He accused the government of muzzling his freedom, adding that he's not ready to give up in the battle. Be has initially accused Interior PS Karanja Kibicho of instigating his woes.

“The more we open up the space, the more we are able to identify merit and competencies which will help the general good of our country. 

"But if we subjugate others, if we tell them that their views won’t matter, then what we are doing is we are believing in a few who are undoubtedly wrong. Let’s open the space. Let the people voice their concerns, because they do it in good faith, without any harassment as was witnessed my case,” he said.