Members of the Luo community have for long been attached to a stereotype that they build poor houses back in the village but live large in the urban centres.

So deep has the stereotype been driven, to an extent that an image of a luxury vehicle parked outside a mud house is directly linked to members of the community.

And though its true most Luos don't build stone houses back in the villages, here are some of the reasons which justify the situation;

1. Natural reasons

Some parts of Luo Nyanza are prone to flooding, which makes it useless to build a mansion, only for it to be marooned, weakened and later destroyed by overflows from rivers.

Such is very evident in parts of Kisumu county, especially in Nyando and Muhoroni constituencies, which turn into lakes when the great river Nyando breaks its banks.

At the same time, why build a tiled house only to spend all your time wiping off the mud, especially in a region where the soil type is largely clay.

2. Most spend most of their lives in town

Majority of Luos live in urban centres, which makes it useless building luxurious homes in the villages, which they will only use for a few days a year. This makes it better to build a simple structure that will only house them for the few days they are upcountry before they troop back to their urban homes.

3. Culture

The culture clearly stipulates the arrangement of houses in a homestead, which results in a single homestead having several houses, beginning from the one at the gate to the main house.

This clearly indicates that one cannot erect five small stone homes in the same homestead, for financial reasons, and if need be, only the main house is normally given exclusive touches.

Since some houses are also built for temporary, like the "Simba" (young man's hut), it becomes necessary to build it using mud, which means that mud houses will always be the majority.

4. Uniformity

Most houses in Luo Nyanza are mud-walled. Therefore, some persons would rather stick to the same to look like the others. This also prevents attracting thieves, who are very likely to expect that the only one-storied building house in the village houses the richest persons in the locality.

It is worth noting that even rich persons, including retirees who have trooped back to enjoy their sunset days, opt for burnt brick-walled houses, which are still a product of the soil.