Former Harambee Stars striker Dennis Oliech’s ex-lover Paula Mumia has demand for answers from individuals accused of leaking her nudes online.

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It is reported that at least 20 nudes of Mumia were leaked to the Internet through Telegram.

In a post on Instagram stories on Monday, the TV personality said; "I have been a victim of cyber bullying for a long time now that it is just that I don't talk about it but again the question is, who is doing all this? What have I done to him? What's his gain in all these?" 

It is being alleged Mumia's nudes were leaked on a Telegram group known as 'Alphas Betas & Omegas', which was formerly known as Team Mafasi. 

The group has more than 70,000 followers or rather subscribers.

However, it is not clear who leaked the pictures to the group and the motives behind it.

Regardless of the attack, Mumia has decided to be thankful adding that getting dragged down by such like people was not her thing.

"Don't allow an Angry or Negative person full of Accusations, Insults and Criticism to drag you down. Instead be Thankful you don't have to go around hurting others in order to feel Whole (sic)," she posted on Instagram while in Nyali, Mombasa on Monday