Diamond Platnumz is a man of few words and many actions. 

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Since Harmonize announced his desire to ditch his Wasafi Record Baby Record label and focus on his own record label, Konde Gang Records, Diamond has never talked about the whole issue.

Diamond did not look back when Harmonize shared his interest with WCB management, he kept on going for his world tours for a series of shows.

Maybe the only day we can say he talked about the whole issue is when he dared those who had failed to show up at one of the Wasafi Festival 2019, where he said they should go for good. 

However, he did not mention names, meaning it was an open-ended attack to all artistes.

"Like the other one who did not want, should leave and go, we are not benefiting anything, are we? (ila kama yule mwingine ambae hajataka aondoke zake, kwani sisi anatusaidia na nini?," Diamond posed a question to journalists.

More so, Diamond is currently advocating for the hashtag "#ULIYEMNGOJAKAJA" which loosely translates to "The one you were waiting for is coming".

A quick search of the hashtag leads you to several posts shared by other WCB artistes, an indication they are up to something, most probably a new artiste.

Earlier, Diamond revealed that he had signed two more artistes but delayed to unveil them due to the ongoing Wasafi Festival.

"If we start unveiling them, they won't get the attention they deserve due to the ongoing Wasafi Festival, everything stops when Wasafi Festival kicks off as far as entertainment is concerned," Diamond said.

Since Harmonize has left the label, it might force Diamond to ignore the festival and unveil the new faces to Wasafi and pick from where Kondeboy left.