Among the most dreaded diseases on this earth are STDs and there are acquired in various ways.

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Forget about making love, there are other ways STDs can be transmitted and this is through skin contact. 

You can easily get the disease from your partner and in some cases even a relative without necessarily indulging into sex but rather via casual contact.

To mention a few, here are the diseases that you need to know as noted by Elizabeth Boskey, PhD, a Social worker and adjunct lecturer in the Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies program at Boston University on very well health

1. Syphilis 

This might sound incredible but the truth of the matter is that it has been mentioned among the ailments that one can acquire through casual contact with some cases through french kissing.

In the case of kissing, it is contracted through open mouth sores or mucosa membrane. If possible, steer clear of kissing with a person whom you don't know their status.

2. Human papillomavirus (HPV).

You can also get this STD through skin contact from an infected person. The virus usually gains entry into the body system through open pores. The good news is that it is highly curable since there are some vaccines that quell it.

3. Molluscum contagiosum 

It is a sexually transmitted infection that was regarded as a disease of childhood. It is usually passed through skin contact especially in people with open sores on their body.