President Uhuru Kenyatta pulled off a moment of laughter in a moment of gloom as he recalled a special room in a lorry he used to share with late Benga musician John De Mathew.

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Speaking during the late crooner's funeral ceremony in Muranga County, the head of state told the mourners that the lorry that he used for campaigns had a special room where they would relax as they traded friendly banter.

The room, the president explained to great hilarious effect, provided much needed cover as there are things, details of which he never delved into, they did together with the fallen Kikuyu cultural icon

"We climbed a lorry together, and I don't think that there is a place in this country that we never travelled to together. Our lorry had a special room because there are things that John and I did that we didn't want people to see (Tuhaishete kirori hamwe na diguishiria kwena kona ya bururi uyu tutakinyire, kirori keu gitu kiare special tondo nie na Joni hee toodo tomwe tauthiaga tigiikaga tutiendaga aandu mmone mono)," the president revealed leaving the mourners in stitches. 

John De Mathew, who churned out tens of albums, was buried yesterday in his home county of Muranga that was attended by the creme de la creme of Kenyan politics, revealing for all to see the links he had to the higher society.