A street man in Eldoret on Thursday captured the hearts of many with his angelic and perfect singing voice. 

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The man was earlier recorded by a Facebook user as he was singing a rhumba song and everyone can surely agree that he is blessed. 

The video clearly shows him begging for money before going ahead to perform a song to the people who he was begging from and you can tell that the man really is unique.

The unnamed street man is said to have been in a band but no one knows his story that led him to the streets. 

Residents have praised him saying that he is very polite even when he's begging for money;

"Anaombanga kobole ya chai tu, kumi ikienda sana. Huwa hakubali pesa kubwa," an Eldoret businessman said. 

The man can only sing rhumba songs and is often heard performing to people either for an exchange of a five shilling coin or for pleasure. 

"He's always found loitering around the town. You can find him during any time and he's always willing to sing for you." another Eldoret town resident said.

The video which is trending on Facebook is likely to capture a lot of attention from people and well-wishers with some already asking for the man's whereabouts.

Watch the video of the man singing here