Deputy Presidential William Ruto shockingly admitted that Weston Hotel land was illegally acquired, a confession which could bring to rest a matter that has been of public concern for many years now.

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In January, National Land Commission, which was investigating the acquisition of Weston Hotel land upon complaints by KCAA, ordered that the the latter be compensated another piece of land, ruling out demolition of the Five Star Hotel.

And in a pre-recorded interview with Hard Talk programme on the BBC, Ruto said he was tricked by previous owners to acquire the land. He further insisted that he was not aware that the land was set for the public.

Dr Ruto, who had visited Chatham House for a public talk in London, also asked members of the people to allow the matter to be conclusively investigated by authorities before judging him harshly.

He passed blame to the land's previous owners, insisting that on his part, he followed the due process when acquiring the land, subsequently adding that it was not an illegal acquisition on his part.

“Can you explain something about the Weston Hotel, which is said to be yours and which is said to be sitting on illegally acquired land,” Mr Sackur asked the DP.

In his reply, the DP stated that “We may leave that topic for now as that is a big story…,” as he wanted to evade the question. 

Dr Ruto has been on spot for what people call his 'appetite to public property' but has often denied any wrong doing in various public scandals.

In 2014, he was linked to acquisition of a piece of land near his Weston Hotel at Lang'ata Primary, but he was quick to deny the allegations which saw school going children teargassed in urgly running battles with the police. 

At his Eldoret North, he was found guilty by a court sitting in Eldoret for allegedly taking away a land for his neighbour who had been misplaced during 2007/08 post election violence.