Starting a relationship is one thing, and maintaining happiness in it is a different thing. 

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Many people end up in marriage only to regret why they rushed to settle down with the wrong partner. 

Emotional detachment makes your marriage vulnerable. 

Here are four things that prove you're emotionally detached in your marriage without even realising it:

1. You are dragging outside stress into your love life

Your marriage is at risk if you keep bringing issues from outside into the relationship. 

The stress at your workplace should never affect your marriage. 

Learn to handle matters outside your marriage without your partner’s knowledge.

2. You treat your partner like your child

Your partner is not your child. 

There are some things your partner expects in the relationship. 

Learn to treat your partner like she or he deserves to be handled.

3. You are ever busy on social media

Social media is one of the leading killers of relationships. 

Spending the whole day on social media makes your love life vulnerable. 

Learn to spend less time on social media if you want your partner to be happy. 

He or she also needs your time.

4. You never talk about crucial things in life

There are many things you need to address for a happy marriage. 

If you never address these things, then you are destined to fail. 

Learn to deal with crucial things in your marriage if you want to be happy at the end of the day.