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Why Kamba's spill blood on the ground during traditional weddings

Adonijah Nziwa
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Most men travel long distances from various parts of the country to the Ukambani region in search of life partners.

Women from this region are not only beautiful but also educated. The community respects traditions in different stages of life including marriage. In Kamba culture, parents are tasked to selecting wives for their sons. Parents examine their daughters before they give approvals for their marriages.

Such parents always believe that they know what their sons want in life and are best positioned to make decisions for them.

Before marriage, parents from the two sides conduct a ceremony known as “ntheo”.

The ceremony is meant to show that the bride has been officially handed over to the man of her dreams. There is a lot of strictness during the event.

If the man who is yet to throw this party passes on, then the family cannot be allowed to bury her.

The bridegroom is always asked to bring at least 3 goats. One of the he-goats is often slaughtered and them blood is spilled on the ground. The Kamba community believes that the spilling of blood often signified that the two have been united for life.

The bride and groom then share a piece of meat as a sign of the union.


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