There are certain expectations we have in life. When dating someone, you expect him or her to give you the respect you deserve. However, there are times our partners seem to take advantage of us. Here are ways to know your partner is taking advantage of you.

1. No future talk

Your relationship is destined to fail if your partner is not ready to define it. A loving partner will talk about your future plans. He or she will remind you of his or her expectations in life.

2. He or she preoccupied with someone else

Does your partner think about you? When your partner is preoccupied with someone else, it means all is not well. You need your space and your partner should create time to be with you. You will never realize happiness if he or she is also sparing time for someone else.

3. He or she never makes time for you

A loving partner will create time for you. He or she needs to know you need time. Never waste time on someone who doesn't create time to be with you.

4. You are the only one fighting for the affair

It is a mutual responsibility of both partners to ensure that the relationship works. They need to work together in order to make things better in their affair. If you are the only struggling to make things right in the relationship then you are destined to fail.