In a previous article, we told you what to do if your wife has a habit of denying you your inherent conjugal rights.

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However, there are instances where it is the man who denies his wife her conjugal rights leaving her suffering in silence. While such cases could be rare going by many men's huge appetite for sex, it still happens that they occur.

According to Kamau Wa Mwangi, a member of the Kikuyu Council of Elders (Ndundu Athuri a Gikuyu) from Kimucu, Thika, such instances would occur even in Kikuyu traditional marriages for the following reasons.

1. Lack of hygiene

Mwangi says that an unkempt woman who has no personal and general household hygiene was a complete turn off for her husband.

"Kikuyu men even in the past loathed dirty women and would even brand them as 'ihangara'. No man would want to go to bed with such a woman or even eat her food. Hygiene was very essential when it came to maintaining a healthy relationship," Mwangi said on Thursday.

2. You lost the 'jewel' that attracted him to you

Mwangi advises that it is important for wives to find out from their husbands the particular thing(s) or values that lured them to the extent of marrying them. This, he says, enables the woman to always treasure that thing/value thus remaining relevant at all times.

3. You became infinitely boring

The 75-year-old elder and retired nurse notes that some women especially after bearing children tend to become lazy and boring in bed.

"This is quite understandable but women should always strive to make their men happy in bed or they will just call it quits which can be very unfortunate," he adds.

4. Probably he is cheating on you

The elder says that this is the major reason many of today's men deny their wives sex. He is, however, quick to note that this will usually have been precipitated by a build-up of one or more of the above three factors.

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