If anyone will ever be shy to talk about matters sex, that person has never and will never be Akothee. 

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Perhaps because of a tougher sojourn in Kibera in her earlier days of Nairobi, the free-speaking artiste goes about the topic like it was eating some type of candy. 

Currently, the Kibera bragging right has gone ahead to advise her daughters 

While sharing a photo of her three daughters Vesha Shailan Okello, Celly Rue Brown and Fancy Makadia on Thursday, Akothee opened a window to the possibility of allowing sex for the girls when she asked them to tell their boyfriends to go for HIV testing.

"Carrying you along since the day I dint use condoms, so just in case you forgot that you are a product of sex tell those boys hovering around you to go get themselves tested before they think of making you mothers," she said.

"Our days were better. It was only NYACH & PREGNANCY NOW YOU PIPO SEE YOUR LIVES, your ERROR IS meeeeeeeseed uuuuup, dont mind those role virgin models. Their mothers are not and have never had sex , in fact their mothers are Virgin Marys,” she added.  

Akothee is only 14 years older than her first born and 16 years the senior of the second.