Opposition strategist Dr David Ndii has made an unappealing remark which may raise political temperatures among opposition leader Raila Odinga's supporters.

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In a Sunday tweet, Ndii said that Raila's decision to join hands with President Uhuru Kenyatta is because the former prime minister may have sensed that he can't win a presidential election.

"Opposition is motivated by prospects of winning elections. If you can not beat them, you join them, or quit," stated David Ndii in a Tweet on Saturday.

Ndii was instrumental in helping frame NASA's campaign strategy ahead of the August 2017 general polls said.

In this remark, he may have meant that Raila's decision to work with Uhuru following the March 9th, 2018 handshake was a submission to his opponents who he now knows he cannot beat.

Ndii was responding to a tweet by political analyst Prof Edward Kisiang'ani who had wanted to know if Kenya today has an opposition or those purporting to be in the opposition really know their mandate.

In his tweet, Prof Kisiang'ani has said: "Please help me. Is it that we have no opposition in Kenya or since Raila's peace treaty with government, almost a year ago, we remained with opposition leaders who don't understand their mandate? Or do we expect Raila to double up as both a government supporter and opposition?"

Raila has contested for the presidency four times and lost on all occasions.

He is expected, according to Siaya Senator James Orengo to take another stab at the country's highest seat in 2022.