Diamond Platinumz newest girlfriend Tanasha Donna has revealed that dating a celebrity like Diamond Platinumz is not an easier thing.

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The NRG radio presenter revealed to Kiss 100 that at the beginning of their relationship, she used to cry like each and every day for what she was going through until she almost plunged into depressions.

"I used to cry daily, I almost fell into depression," she revealed.

She also opened up that she does feel insecure at some time, with social media stuff being one of the reasons for her insecurity.

Diamond had to come in and convince her that what she was going through was the same story with Zari, Wema. They all went through the same because of his social media followers.

“I do feel insecure. He told me the social media drama I’m facing is nothing compared to his past relationships," she added.

Tanasha has also assured the fans will soon like her when Diamond proves to them he was really in love with her and serious about it, which until now he has proved he loves her very much. Fans are now enjoying to see the couple happy.

"Once his fans realize he is indeed serious with our relationship, they will show their support, which I’m already seeing," she confirmed.

Diamond is set to marry Tanasha this year in one of the biggest weddings in Tanzania. He has asked the authorities to make it a public holiday.