City lawyer Wahome Thuku has slammed a section of Kenyans likening Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro to the late Ford-Asili leader Kenneth Matiba.

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Nyoro has been likened to the Liberation Hero following his dramatic arrest and release on Monday night by the General Service Unit (GSU).

His admirers have been pointing an accusing finger at the government for allegedly persecuting Nyoro due to his strong political stand.

They have been likening the youthful MP's 'suffering' to what Matiba went through when the fought for the multiparty democracy during the dictatorial regime of retired President Daniel Arap Moi.

On his part, the Kiharu MP has claimed he was being threatened and intimidated for campaigning for Deputy President William Ruto in the populous Central Kenya region.

However, according to Thuku, the Jubilee MP should not be likened to Matiba since the latter was a liberator who suffered for the sake of all Kenyans, unlike Nyoro, who is fighting to 'sell' an individual.

"So in short, Matiba went in to fight for the masses, not to fight to sell someone in Central Province. Matiba was way beyond Central. He had resigned from cabinet. He wanted to liberate the country. Is Nyoro liberating the country from Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta or from who exactly?" he posted on Facebook.

The vocal lawyer claimed Nyoro was receiving handouts from Ruto to campaign for him and, therefore, he did not deserve to be equated to Matiba, who was also MP for Kiharu.

"Matiba was not a handout beneficiary. He was not receiving allocations from Karen or elsewhere. He was OUTSIDE the government. It would be a big insult to us who stood by him then, to equate Matiba to some fellow just because they share a village," Thuku added.

In what could be seen as a rejoinder, Nyoro has likened his woes to what Matiba faced and vowed to stand firm and fiercely defend his stand just like the multipartyism doyen did.

"Matiba was fearless because life is not worth living if you are living on your knees and under subjugation. We must be given space to exercise our free will because it is the collective intelligence and minds of many that will change Kenya and not a few people who believe they know everything yet they are already messing up," the MP said in an interview with Daily Nation, Wednesday.