Wendy Waeni's ex-manager Joe Mwangi has come out to claim that the real reason why he has issues with the youngster is because he took away her phone. 

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Speaking on the Chipukeezy show on Monday, Joe Mwangi who has been under heavy criticism for the past few days claimed the accusations levelled against him had nothing to do with money. 

Mwangi explained that he had kept an eye on the young girl's activity on the internet and consequently denied her access to the phone.

"In April we were with Wendy in Mombasa. Then I have been monitoring this child's behaviour on the internet for a very long time. And bro you will have to allow me to speak about this. It is so painful for me to talk about this story here. But can you think of the reason that made me deny this child access to the phone (April tulikua Mombasa na Wendy. Then huyu mtoi nimekua nikimmonitor for a long time on the internet. And bro you have to allow me to speak about this. It is so painful for me kuongelelea hii story hapa. Ebu fikiria reason ilinituma niende kunyang'anya huyu mtoi simu. Just think about it)," Joe Mwangi said before being cut short by Chipukeezy.

The former manager insisted that the accusations levelled against him stemmed from the fact that he denied the young girl access to her phone. 

Wendy, on the other hand, had earlier on accused Joe Mwangi of misusing her social media platforms.