Sleepovers come after meeting the one you think is fit to share your life with. Sleepovers in relationships help know much about your partner. Most of their habits are discovered during this time.

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Nowadays sleepovers are becoming a common trend. The guy will not invite you for a sleepover because of the following reasons;

1. You disrespect his friends

Make sure you are smooth to your lover's friends. They can say most negatives about you when you are not around discouraging him to invite you. Friends are what people treasure most. Ensure you are nice to them and they will not let you down by talking ill things about you.

2. Controlling his phone

Make sure you do not have his phone with you unless he gives it to you. This is depriving him of his privacy and this will irritate him thus he won't invite you for a sleepover the next time.

3. Leaving behind your belongings to his house

This is quite a bad impression. This is a show that you are prepared to move in and live with him. Make sure you pack all your property before leaving his house. In case you forget, make sure you bring it into his attention as soon as you can and ensure you do not repeat it again.