Singer Akothee has finally revealed why on Thursday she ended up in a hospital.

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Through her long Facebook post on Friday evening, the mother of five revealed that she almost died were it not for her aid, Nelly Oaks.

According to Akothee, she was enjoying a warm bath in her bathtub which had been prepared by Mr Oaks when she decided to go "slaying on Instagram live".

However, the singer said she adjusted the bathtub temperature to have the water a bit hot, which resulted to her having difficulty in breathing.

She faced difficulties in moving around, and could not even use her phone properly and had to drop it. 

Fortunately, the phone's bang on the floor alerted her aid that all was not good with the singer.

Oaks rushed to her room and found the mother of five helpless and he swung into action and got her out from the water.

Akothee notes that that particular night she could not get any sleep even after taking sleeping pills.

She faced the same breathing problem on Thursday morning, and that is why she was rushed to the hospital. She is now in good shape, adding that it was her system which had shut down.  

"I still could not sleep, I was tired and worn out, too tired to sleep, so I took sleeping pill to knock me out ,but nothing, my brain and heart were very awake, so in the morning we went for breakfast, and the shit happened again, after I served my sausages sat down, I lost my breath again, and tears were rolling off my cheeks since I was struggling to breath, so the waiter went to call @Nelly who was attending to a make up artists who had come to do my make up for our scheduled interview with Lilian Muli 🙆‍♂️and that's how we ended here, I am very healthy it's only that My system shut down," read Akothee's long post in part.