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Reactions as Croatia beat England to reach final

Veronicah Nanjilah
Mario Mandzukic scores Croatia's winner. [Photo/]

The Three Lions of England are out of the World Cup after losing 2-1 to determined Croats who came from behind to clinch the scintillating semi-final fixture.

England took the the lead early in the game in the fifth minute of the first half, a goal which was answered in the second half by Croatia bringing the game to parity.

The game went into extra-time after a 1-1 normal time scoreline.

It is in the second half of the extra-time, Mario Madzukic struck with brutal finality, putting Croatia in the lead.

Here is what football lovers in Garissa had to say:

''Croatia showed a lot of class. They deserved to win this one,'' Karim Jamal said.

''I am very sad that England are out of the World Cup. I wanted them to win,'' Bule Omar said.

''England have no one but themselves to blame. How do you surrender your lead in such a manner,'' Suleiman Abdi said.

''Croatia had a lot of experience in the World Cup compared to England which was a young team,'' Habiba Suneka said.

''Experience won tonight. That's all I can say,'' Jamaa Kuno said.



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