Presidents Uhuru Kenyatta has been faulted after his Tuesday mocking response to Chief Justice David Maraga, who on Monday went on a rant, alleging frustration and humiliation.

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The CJ, in a televised address to the nation, claimed that he has been undergoing humiliation from the Executive, including being forced to wait before accessing state events.

In his response, Uhuru appeared to mock the CJ, urging the Judiciary to speed up tax collection cases, at a time when the arm of government is dealing with financial issues.

Lawyer and political analyst Dennis Anyonka has taken issue with Uhuru's response, saying that it gives out an image of a carefree president, not bothered by the Judiciary's woes.

Speaking on Wednesday, he added that the reaction also shows that the CJ's claims that he ia unwanted coins be true, as the president also appears to be having issues with him.

"Its unfortunate that the president can respond that way. His means that the CJ's claims that there is a plot to unseat him are true (Its unfortunate that the president anaweza kumjibu vile. This means vile CJ anasema kuna njama ya kumtoa, huenda ni kweli. The way president anabehave kuna shida)," he said.

He made the remarks on Radio Maisha's Bunge La Mwanainchi show, where he pointed out that the exchange might see Uhuru emerge the ultimate loser at the end of it.

He predicted that if it persists, chances are high that Uhuru might soon be reduced to ruling a disorderly nation, before leaving history as the man who ran the justice system down.

"If the president us today disrespecting the Judiciary and court orders, tomorrow people will be arrested and taken to court, where the courts will refuse to handle their cases. He will go down in history as the president who made the country ungovernable."

(Kama leo rais ana disrespect korti na court orders, kesho watu watashikwa na wapelekwe mahakamani na mahakama ikatae kushughulika. Ataenda kwenye historia kama rais aliyeifanya nchi ikawa ungovernable)

This comes only two years after the president threatened to deal with the Judiciary after Maraga and his Supreme Court team nullified his August 8, 2017 victory.