What is confidence, you may ask? Confidence is being self-assured and certain and believing in your own capabilities. 

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Nonetheless, the bigger question is, are you a confident man?

Here are the qualities of a confident man:

1. You possess a good level of self-worth

Self-worth refers to how you regard yourself. As a man, what you see yourself as is what you really are. How you rate yourself determines the level of your self-worth. You need to have a high level of self-worth to describe yourself as confident.

2. You are self-assured in your own ability to perform

This simply means you have the belief inside you that you can always do something without having other limiting thoughts. A confident man fears no situations and can face them with top-notch bravery and conquer them.

3. Take responsibility for your actions

A confident man is always responsible for his actions and never blames others for them. Confidence requires a man to stand up beside his actions and face possible consequences without having to shift blames.

4. Doesn't take advantage of those weaker than him

Only cowards take advantage of people weaker than them. Real and confident men come out to defend the oppressed rather than prey on them. 

5. Is kind

Arrogance doesn't go hand in hand with confidence but kindness do. A confident man will have no fear that his kindness will be misconstrued as weakness. Kindness is a bold expression of gentleness as well.