'My two wives' is drama series on KTN TV which is basically based on African traditions. The drama is based on one man, Zachary, whose real name is Eddy Peter. Zac struggles to cope up with his two wives after he was forced to inherit one from his late brother.

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One of Zac's wife is Damaris. Her husband, Alphonse, was Zac's elder brother who died of a heart attack. His abrupt death was the genesis of the problems Zac is facing after he was forced by the traditions to inherit Damaris, something his first wife, Toni, has been unsuccessfully opposing.

Damaris moved to the city with her husband to join the other co-wife but she did not leave behind the village in her. 

The following are some of the facts you should know about Damaris:

1. She is a Taita 

Most people believe people from the Coast of Kenya can only speak fluent Swahili and not English. Damaris is from Taita Taveta County and speaks English fluently. Her real name is Wakio Mzenge. 

2. She is happily married

In the TV drama, she plays a part of an inherited widow, but in reality she is married with children. 

"To be precise, I started my 10th year in marriage this year," she responded on a live show hosted by Dr. Ofweneke when asked whether she was single or married.

3. She a Literature teacher

This might be one of the reasons why her English is one of its kind. 

4. She is a principal

Beside acting, she has to create time to manage both her teachers and students in a Nairobi school.