Police in Maseno on Sunday evening arrested a pastor while he was preaching to his congregants in a bus heading to Busia from Kisumu.

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According to the police, the pastor had violated the traffic rules by having no seat and not fastening himself with a safety belt. 

Following the two misconducts, the police ordered the conductor and the pastor to disembark and follow them to the police station. 

The conductor, in his defense, said that it was difficult for him to throw a pastor out of the bus.

“When I realized that the bus was full, he refused to come down. I can't throw him out,” explained the conductor.

The pastor, on the other hand, defended himself that he had been invited to preach in Siaya but since he had no means to travel he decided to sneak into the bus and preach to the passengers instead.

“I had no means to travel home. I decided to preach instead. That was the only option. Please understand,” the man pleaded.

The utterance was welcomed by a burst of laughter with a section of the travelers convinced that the man was just a comedian.

The conductor was later allowed to leave with the bus but the preacher was apprehended.

This is a habit that has been ongoing in Kisumu amid complaints from some passengers who felt the conductor was obliged to ensure their safety and freedom from exploitation. 

However, the current stringent implementation of the traffic rules has no exceptions and many will find themselves on the other side of the law if caught.