Assistant Chief of Defense Forces in charge of logistics and human resource Major-General Fatuma Ahmed may make history yet again in the impending military changes.

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In compliance with Tonje Rules, Chief of Defense Forces General Samson Mwathethe is expected to retire in few weeks time after the expiry of his four years term. He took over from General Julius Karangi in 2015 April.

The rules which were named after General Daudi Tonje, dictates that the Chief of Defense Forces retires after serving four year term or after attaining 64 years, and, or whichever comes first.

Vice Chief of Defense Forces Lieutenant General Robert Kibochi,60, is expected to take over from Mwathethe since he's the senior most officer from Kenya Army wing. Tonje Rules also dictates that the CDF position is rotated among the service commands.

And as such, Lt. Gen Kibochi's position would be automatically assumed by Air Force Commander Major-General Francis Ogolla, who will be the most senior among the KAF to be promoted to the next level ahead of Kibochi's succession in 2023.

The changes which are expected to be made in few weeks time would see Major-General Fatuma Ahmed take over as Air Force Commander, becoming the first ever woman in Kenya to be a service commander given her seniority in the KAF team.

Last year, President Uhuru Kenyatta expressed his gratitude to the former Women Service Cops officer, following her promotion from Brigadier. She is the only woman to have served as Brigadier and Major-General.

“It is my pride and joy today to launch the first Kenyan woman as a major-general in the republic. I am counting on you to be a role model to the women in this republic and to prove to them that there is no limits for the Kenyan women,” Mr Kenyatta told Maj-Gen Ahmed.

“We are grateful and thankful for the service that you have provided to this country for many years, we look forward to working with you in all capacities as we continue to work towards growing, developing and defending our nation,” President kenyatta said.

According to the Tonje Rules, a Major-General and Lieutenant General retires at the age of 56 and 58 respectively if they are not promoted to the next available rank.