The Orange Democratic Movement Party, ODM, was all laughs for the better part of  Thursday night after winning the Kibra parliamentary by-elections. 

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Despite their loss, Jubilee party candidate MacDonald Mariga and the deputy president William Ruto have joined the celebrations and even conceded defeat, raising eye brows as to whether Jubilee really lost in Kibra.

For a constituency that has been ruled by ODM party leader Raila Odinga for over two decades, Mariga's loss is less viewed as a loss after garnering over 11,000 votes. This is despite the  infamous "Baba's bedroom" tag coined by the ODM parliamentarians.

As depicted in DP's tweet on Friday November 8, Jubilee actually won in Kibra, raising its vote count by more than double the count in 2017.

"Pongezi Benard Okoth for Kibra. Congrats Mariga, Team Jubilee & supporters for daring the so called 'bedroom', braving the chaos/violence, to double our vote from 12%(2017) to 26% now. Our competitors came down 78% (2017) to 52%. They retained the seat we have served notice." Read the tweet by Ruto.

Going by the statistics,it is actually true, ODM lost, while Jubilee won big. 

Imran Okoth, the brother to the Late Kibra legislator, Ken Okoth clinched the hotly contested by 24,636 votes against Jubilee Party’s McDonald Mariga who came in second with 11,230 votes.