It was agony for one man who lost close to Sh21,000 when he decided to pass by a brothel on his way home. 

On Tuesday evening, one Robert realised his wallet was missing when in a matatu headed to Ukunda, in Kwale County.

No sooner had he reached his wallet to get Sh100 for the conductor than he realised he was had been financially brought to square zero just because of his curiosity, to see how sex workers organise themselves in their illegal business.

"Hawa malaya wamenigonga wanangu, nimeibwa kila kitu, (the sex workers have robbed me, they have taken everything)," he said.

Unknowingly, other matatu occupants started blaming the young man, saying he paid for his own desires of wanting pleasure.

Everyone was shocked when he said he only passed through the Likoni brothel, which looks like a corridor, where he got free 'soft touches' from the women in a mission. Little did he know some of the said touches were ill intentioned.

"Nimetoka benki huko tao, baada ya kushuka ferry mi nikapitaia kwa kile kichochoro cha wale wanadada, shilingi zangu elfu shirini na mia sita juu yake zimekunywa maji (so after alighting from the ferry I passed through the corridor on my way to the stage only to lose my Sh20,600)."

However, some people said he might have lost his wallet inside the ferry.

"Those ladies never steal," said one man.

Kenya Ferry Services has been warning those using the ferry to stay alert of pickpockets.