Residents of Nyatieko in Mosocho, Kisii County were left in rude shock after a woman who is yet to be identified dumped her infant baby in a pit latrine. 

Jane Moraa said she was washing clothes on Wednesday evening when she heard a baby crying from the latrine. 

"I rushed to the toilet when I heard a voice of a baby crying. I was shocked to find the baby covered with a box in the toilet," she said.

Moraa said she immediately raised alarm and members of the public to retrieve the baby. 

Area Nyumba Kumi official Pacifica Maubi confirmed the incident and said the baby was taken to Iranda Health Center for a health check-up. 

"The doctors at the facility confirmed that the baby was well and out of danger. We are yet to know who dumped the innocent baby," said Mrs. Maubi. 

She assured that investigation has commenced to apprehend the woman who dumped the baby. 

"The public should report to us anyone who was pregnant gave birth and dumped the baby to ease arrest. Women should not boycott their responsibility," she added.