Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka’s father, Mzee Peter Musyoka Mairu will be laid to rest on November 9.

Being an elderly Kamba man, the following rituals are likely to be observed in case his kins are not devoted Christians.

The deceased's will might also be considered for these rituals to be practiced.

The rituals include:

1. Uvito/Wiu

The Akamba believe that no family member should be buried when a female member of the same family is menstruating. All females relatives had to take the Uvito oath to prevent the polluting effect of menstrual blood that could wipe out the whole family.

2. Kuvulya

This ritual surrounds digging of the grave. For Mzee Mairu’s case, his eldest grandson will be the one to dig the first lump of soil after elders decide on where the grave should be. This allows selected young and energetic men to complete the digging. The first lump of soil dug by the oldest grandson is kept safe because it has to be returned to the grave.

Here is a tweet by former Deputy President Kalonzo Musyoka detailing his father's burial program

“Mzee Peter Musyoka Mairu slept. As a family, we are humbled by the tremendous show of solidarity extended to us by numerous messages of sympathy; many other have come personally to condole with us. We have settled for Friday 9th, November 2018 as the burial date for our father; this will be at his home in Tseiukuru, next to Tseikuru Technical Institute after prayers at Tseikuru Independent Faith Baptist Church,” read @skmusyoka’s tweet.