A popular TV station that broadcasts to a section of Mount Kenya audience has reportedly fired three of its presenters after they allegedly attended an interview at Royal Media Services (RMS).

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The three who were working for Weru TV which broadcasts in Meru language are said to have last week attended an interview at RMS' Muuga FM radio which also broadcasts in the same language, before the management at Weru TV found out leading to their summary dismissal.

"The three smelled a rat when without any apparent reason, they were removed from the company's WhatsApp group. Upon reporting to work the following day, they were informed about their dismissal and asked to clear with the company," a source privy to the trio's firing and who sought anonymity said during an exclusive interview on Sunday.

According to the source, the management of Weru TV was not pleased to learn that the three were looking for opportunities elsewhere while they are supposed "to be committed to the Weru brand that feeds them".

The source further claimed that many of the employees at the company look for greener pastures due to "poor pay".

The TV station is based in Meru Town and is owned by former Citizen TV Head of Camera John Marete who a few years ago quit the coveted position at RMS to venture in the new enterprise.

According to critics and media watchers, the TV station which also has a sister radio station by the same name is one of the best stations that broadcast in Meru language due to its rich programming and content.