Sometimes you might have this feeling that you are alone. Especially if you have broken up with that person whom you were very close, or you have had an argument with your best friend or for many other reasons. However, you can always be in control of this situation by:

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Find out why you are feeling lonely

There are a number of reasons a person would feel lonely. Probably sometimes you might be feeling nostalgic about that staff trip you had last year, maybe because of the break-up and many other reasons. Take your time to find out what is it really that is happening. It will be the first step to taking control of the situation.

Pen down your feelings

There was a time I was in a relationship and it didn’t end so well. I could feel like I am alone. Every time I could write down how I was feeling at least it felt like I was speaking to someone and letting out that loneliness. Updating your journal or diary with how you are feeling can help you get control of feeling lonely. 

Try talking to any close person

Even if you are feeling lonely, of course, you still have someone whom you can open your heart to, even if it means talking to a qualified psychiatrist. This will be effective to have someone listening to how you feel, this will be a better way to control your loneliness.

Engage in your hobby

Instead of sitting there and feeling sorry for yourself, why don’t you get out and engage in any activity that you really like. Go swimming, attend dancing classes or visit a yoga studio. It is also a perfect opportunity to learn a new skill and you won’t feel lonely again.