There was a lot of confusion in Chiriba village Kisii county after a high school student was found having sex with his teacher in a maize plantation.

This happened on Tuesday evening after the boy who was identified as Mophat Nyaanga went home from school, changed the uniforms and went out to meet his love (the teacher). 

After the two were caught by some villagers having sex, a scene was created that drew many villagers to the spot. Upon interrogation, the student said it was not his first time having sex with her as it had been for a while.

"We have been having the affair since last year and we have been making our moves discreetly. I do not know what came over me. Please, I ask for forgiveness," the boy told the angry villagers after threatening of beating them.

The madam remained silent amid the threats of beating her and perhaps taking her to jail. She was continuously sobbing and the more the villagers interrogated, the angrier they got. Some wanted to beat the hell out of the teacher for spoiling the young boy but were stopped by an elder who was there.

"Let us leave this incident for the law to take charge. I have called the area Chief Vincent Bogonko but his phone is not going through. Let us take the two to the chief's home to solve the case," Henry Achuka one of the elders advised the residents. 

By the time the writer was reporting the incident details from the chief stance had not been revealed. However, the residents condemned the madam saying that she should be forced to get married soon to avoid spoiling young school boys.