With the latest happenings in the county's political arena, it can be very hard for most Kenyans to alanyze the direction the country has taken, two years to the 2022 elections.

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The master of all this confusion appears to be Deputy President William Ruto who as it appears, is preaching water and drinking wine or vice versa, but not doing the same thing.

On one hand, the latter us a humble second in command to President Uhuru Kenyatta and is willing to do any job assigned to him by the Head of State.

He has repeatedly said so and has never at any point been heard castigating, condemning and correcting the President on any public occasion despite their apparently widening rift.

But on the other hand he appears to have given his allies and footsoldiers a nod to attack and threaten the President band even most recently threaten to walkout of the Jubilee Party.

The same was kicked off by Kapseret lawmaker Oscar Sudi two years back and were on Sunday reiterated by Senate Majority Leader and Ruto's close ally Kipchumba Murkomen.

"You cannot hide behind the handshake and fight against graft when we know that the agenda is to fight Ruto politically.

Uhuru should come out and tell us he is tired with his deputy and we will call it a day,” Murkomen was quoted by the Standard during a burial ceremony in Bomet County on Saturday.

The remarks, since they were openly said and are yet to be dismissed by the DP is an indication that they were uttered on his behalf.

This appears like Ruto's new survival plan, remaining near Uhuru while using his allies to threaten him to ensure that he doesn't stray in his initial vow to support Ruto's 2022 bid.

In the instance that Uhuru gets shaken and realligns himself with him, then Ruto will easily dismiss his allies' remarks and give them a slight tongue lashing to to cleverly come out.

Should Uhuru remain reluctant to change, then Ruto will easily say that Uhuru is a traitor, in a campaign strategy likely to bring in millions of sympathy votes.

Beginning to complain early is a mechanism to enable him remind Kenyans that Uhuru has been mistreating him from the onset, upon the open of the campaign window.