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Landlord urinates on tenant's bed over rent debt

Dennis Chacha
A cartoonist expression of a man urinating on bed. [Photo/Standard.]

A landlord shocked his tenants after he urinated on the bed of one of them who owes him Sh6,000 in rent.

This happened on Tuesday evening at Nyamache Kisii County. 

Amos Obonyo, a witness said the landlord, Johannes Barongo had gone to collect rent for the month of July when he urinated on the bed of his tenant, Lukas Mayaka.

"Mayaka owes him Sh6,000 rent which he came to demand. He was angered when Lukas told him to wait and urinated on his bed and told him to prepare to vacate the room before Monday next week," said Obonyo.

Obonyo said Lukas has been tricking the landlord since April this year. 

According to the landlord, he urinated on the bed so that Lukas can vacate.

"I don't want his money now. He has not paid rent since April this year but he has been sleeping and having sex with his wife in my house," he said.

Simon Onderi, an elder in the area condemned the landlord and said it is an abomination to urinate on the bed. 


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