Chinese are known by many people for their hard work.  They first moved into the country as developers working on various projects. 

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However, some of them decided to permanently move into Kenya and even acquire Kenyan citizenship, to have a dual citizenship. 

While in the country, they have taught themselves many things including our local languages. 

Most of them have taught themselves Kiswahili. In a video posted on Facebook by the former Kiambu governor William Kabogo, a Chinese business woman can be heard speaking fluent Swahili. 

The flamboyant politician captioned this video:

“What! Maching Chong wanabonga swa kiukweki.”

The Chinese woman, referred as Aisha sells cooked food to the locals. She was filmed by unknown man who was asking her for food. Their whole conversation was in Kiswahili. 

Customer: Aisha, mambo? Una chakula gani leo?

This loosely translates to: Aisha, how are you? What foods do you have today?

Chinese Woman: Poa. Leo kuna wali, ugali, kuku, samaki, nyama chemsha na chips mayai. 

This loosely translates to: Fine. Today I have rice, corn meal, chicken, fish, boiled beef and fries with eggs. 

It is however, not known where and when this video was taken.