A section of Kenyans on Twitter has insisted that the car in which the bodies of Mariam Kighenda and her 4-year-old daughter Amanda Mutheu were trapped was located by Swedish diver Volker Bassen. 

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Taking to Twitter on Wednesday shortly after it was announced that the vehicle in the Likoni ferry tragedy might been sighted, a good number of the netizens alleged that the Swedish diver had been forced to remain silent on his discovery. 

According to the netizens, if it was realized that Bassen was the one who had located the car that got submerged in the ocean, then it would have been an embarrassment to the Kenyan Navy and the multi-agency team that was involved in the search mission.

Some of the netizens nonetheless went ahead to congratulate the Kenya Navy and other stakeholders who were involved in the search for the vehicle. 

They argued that the multi-agency team deserve the credit and not the Swedish diver.

There were however those who expressed their displeasure over the war on who should take credit for discovering the vehicle that got submerged into the ocean. 

According to this group of netizens, it was time for mourning and not celebrating or scrambling for credit.

The Swedish diver had been brought to assist in the search after he claimed that he could locate and retrieve the bodies within two hours

After he failed to locate the car, he apologized and claimed he had underestimated the situation.

Here are some reactions from Twitter users;