With Migori governor Okoth Obado on his way out thanks to the two-term constitutional limit, the seat remains open for a battle in the 2022 general polls.

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And though this will obviously attract a number of governor hopefuls and their running mates, there are always people seen favourites for such posts.

In Migori, the most likely man to succeed Obado appears like the rather silent county Senator Ochillo Ayacko, who won the seat in a by-election mid last year.

Ayacko is not new to the same as he unsuccessfully lost to Obado in the race for the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) ticket in the run-up to the 2017 general elections.

This was before he lost again as an independent candidate in the actual elections and will be most likely very keen to do it right this time round.

His closeness to opposition leader Raila Odinga who even camped in the county for three days to campaign for him and his closeness to the seat makes him best placed to win.

To realize his dream, he should consider picking Suna East lawmaker and another close Raila confidant Junet Mohammed as his running mate.

Mohammed is considered one of Raila's biggest allies and was even the only man who accompanied the former Premier for his truce with President Uhuru Kenyatta on March 9 2018.

And though Ayacko is not known as a vocal person, he can easily rely on that of Junet who is always in press conferences.

With the two popular leaders riding on one ticket, it will be very hard for anyone else to clinch the seat, and they will only need to make their intention known and then rest and await victory.

They will not only have it easy cruising past the nominations but will also have Raila's blessings in advance.