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Police investigations seek to unravel identity of person behind sex video

Carson Jnr
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Fatuma Gedi, Women Rep Wajir county [Source/]

According to Kulanpost, investigators from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) have identified an individual believed to have created and leaked the pornographic video to the social media.

“He (suspect) was nabbed using digital footprints that led to his laptop IP address,” said a source at DCI cybercrime as quoted by the news site.

However, the said source declined to divulge more information on the identity of the suspect and the ongoing investigations with the reason being 'not to jeopardise' the milestone so far recorded.

 “To expose the identity of the video creator will jeopardize investigations because the Woman Representative is interested more on the person who sponsored the content,” added the informant.

Reports indicate the suspect was tracked using the Internet Protocol address (IP address) which is a numerical signature assigned to each and every device that makes use of the Internet Protocols for communication.

The randy sex video has since received widespread condemnation across the country, with more female politicians distancing Wajir's Fatuma Gedi from the said clip.

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