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9 reasons why you should have avocado oil for your hair

Mary Kemz
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Avocado oil is good for moisturizing dry, brittle and damaged hair. It contains vitamin A, B, D, E, proteins, amino acids, iron, copper, magnesium, and nutrients important to nourish and make hair grow thick. The following are also the benefits of avocado oil;

To enhance a moisturizer- avocado oils can easily penetrate into the cortex of the hair strand something few oils can do. This, therefore, gives the potential to enhance your moisturizer.

For finger detangling- many oils make great natural detangles, avocado oil is one of it. It lubricates and creates slip without a super greasy feel. You can use it alone or mix it with other oils if you wish to.

To moisturize your scalp- avocado oil like other oils makes the service of the skin to be greasy. It enters the epidermis making it useful for moisturizing a dry scalp

To refresh a style- there are two benefits of using avocado oil to refresh a style. It will not harden the style and it will provide a bit of shine without weighing down the hair.

On your ends before un-doing twist- before undoing your braids or twist, apply the avocado oil to the ends of your hair. This will help in easing the process and minimizes hair breakage.

As a carrier oil- it penetrates the skin easily when compared to olive or almond oil. This makes it a great carrier oil for your essentials.

To massage your edges- it penetrates the skin without leaving a greasy film and it is not as comedogenic as coconut oil. This enables less forehead acne.

To enhance a conditioner- if at all you have the cheapest conditioner that uses little moisture, avocado oil can enhance it.

To add a slip on cheap conditioner-adding avocado oils which has the consistency to create lubrication you need. Avocado oils can readily penetrate into the hair shaft and give an increased elasticity.

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